A Day in the Life of a Business Analyst with Aggie Bielinski

As a member of the team at Avionos, you must have a startup mentality and the ability to balance plenty of responsibilities. In addition to delivering world-class solutions to clients, A-Team members are excited to learn at a rapid pace to improve the trajectory of their career. Business analysts are responsible for learning how to analyze and define business and user needs, such as: options for improving business systems and processes and bridging the needs of the business and IT through the analysis and communication of requirements. Business Analyst Aggie Bielinski is driven to be hands-on with clients and projects, leading to playing a key role in delivering a quality final product. Learn more about Aggie below:


Give me a brief background on your career, where you’re from, and your favorite way to spend your time outside of work.

My name is Aggie Bielinski and I’ve lived in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago for my whole life. I have a strong background in event planning, sales, HR and management from my college experience, but entered the digital consulting world as a Business Analyst at Avionos after graduation from Bradley University in 2020. My favorite thing to do outside of work is to cook and bake as it relaxes me and always makes the people in my life happy!


Why did you want to work as a Business Analyst? 

I had a few consulting projects in college where I really came to enjoy working hands on with small business clients. I was also heavily involved with my university’s sales team where I realized that although the sales process was interesting, I really wanted to be a part of the actual delivery of a product. As a business analyst, I get to still have the facetime and needs discovery with my clients as I did in sales, but also get to play a big part in delivering a quality final product and work with an awesome team.


What drew you to joining the ATeam?

From my mid-size college experience, I really came to appreciate a smaller community where I could really be challenged with responsibility, but also develop closer relationships with the people I work with. I was hoping that by joining an up and coming company, I would be able to cultivate relationships and mentorships that would aid me in my personal and professional growth. 


What excites you about your work at Avionos?

At Avionos, I am able to be so much more hands on with clients and projects than I would at a larger firm and feel that I am learning at an exponential pace. I feel that I am always playing an active role in making things happen and transforming our client’s digital experiences which has been so cool to see this early in my career.


What is the proudest moment of your career?

Any time a new website launches is a proud moment for me. There is a lot of time and effort that goes in from the Avionos and client team to get a site to a launch ready state, so the feeling of a successful go live makes it all worth it and cannot be matched.


What skills do you think help you succeed the most at Avionos?

I think good communication and attention to detail has helped me the most. There are always going to be things I don’t know, so being comfortable asking for help when I need it has really helped me grow and learn. 


What’s the best way to start your work day? 

The best part of working from home is the extra time we have without the commute. This has allowed me to take a little walk in the mornings in the warmer months. I’ll listen to some music or podcasts and get my body moving before sitting down to work and I have found the days I do that always end up being more productive and cheerful. 


Where do you see yourself as a business analyst in the future? 

I see the role as a business analyst evolving in any direction. Since the role works closely with project managers, architects, front end and back end developers, analytics, and more, there really is no limitations for what a business analyst can become further along in their career. 

As for myself, I’m still early on in my career trying to figure out exactly what I want my future to look like, but I am interested in taking a path down project management or becoming a functional expert in either AEM or Salesforce.


What advice would you give to someone just starting as Business Analyst or more generally, just starting at Avionos? 

Ask for help if you need it!!!! There is a good chance someone else in the room has the same question as you, and it will make your life so much easier if you just ask. At Avionos, everyone has always been super willing to answer any questions or guide you to the person who knows the answer. Being open about things like this will help you with your job, but also open up the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with the people you work with. 

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