6 Lessons in 6 Years with Kris Trovero

Growing with a company from the ground up is not always a walk in the park, but there are many lessons to be learned along the way. Plus, is there anything more rewarding than watching your hard work pay off? We’re grateful for the members of the A-Team who have stood by our side these past six years.  

We sat down (virtually) with Kris Trovero, Senior Director of Delivery Operations, to ask him for his top six takeaways from the past six years. Here’s what he shared:  

  • Growing a services business is hard work…harder than one might think.  It is not easy growing a small business into something successful year over year, especially at the beginning when you don’t have any brand or name recognition.  There are a lot of ups and downs with clients and projects and it is difficult to maintain a steady stream of work while also trying to scale the organization.   
  • Be flexible and willing to change.  As a smaller organization, you need to be able to adapt and change quickly to support a potential customer, a sale, or even a change in company direction.  Being flexible and having the ability to go with the flow is essential.  
  • Don’t try to do everything.  It is better to focus on a few things and do them very well than try to be everything to everyone.  Our most successful engagements are where we have resources that have deep experience on a given platform and where we can be a true partner to our client. 
  • Company culture is very important.  I’ve been at other much larger organizations where there is not as much comradery and interaction.  I had thought that was not an issue, but after being a part of a small, growing company where there is frequent in-person collaboration (pre-Covid) I realized that it creates a culture where you want to do your best so that you don’t let down your teammates and the organization.  You feel more part of something which in turn makes you want to work harder. 
  • Hire smart, motivated people.  In an organization our size it is crucial that our staff be able to learn things quickly and wear multiple hats.  We need folks that welcome the challenge of learning a new platform or taking on something new to grow in their career and the organization.  If someone doesn’t have that drive and ambition, then it will most likely not work out or be a good fit. 
  • Be efficient. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “Lost time is never found again.”  We must maintain a focus on the goal line so that we maximize the time we spend on the most important initiatives that will make us successful.  The time spent on other tasks due to a lack of focus can never be regained, so it is imperative that the focus always be clear and the organization be moving towards its goals. We cannot get that time back. 

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Kris Trovero

Kris Trovero is an experienced project and program manager and a technically skilled professional with a career demonstrating full life-cycle solution implementations and strong leadership credentials. Kris has an exceptional record delivering large and small technology projects on time and within budget while leveraging staff expertise and proven methodologies. He works in a variety of industries including retail, eCommerce, insurance, financial services, professional services and maintenance, repair and operations.
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