6 Lessons From 6 Years with Gibson Smith

Avionos wouldn’t be what it is today without the unwavering support of our incredible founders. It takes true leaders, passion, and plenty of industry knowledge to build a successful company. We’re lucky to have our founders on our team six years later. 

As we head into 2021, we asked our founders to reflect on their experiences here. Gibson Smith, co-founder and Avionos’ first CPO shared his top six lessons learned throughout his Avionos journey: 

  • Lead with empathy (especially during a pandemic). You need to understand not only how your employees think but how they feel.  Life can be hard.  Be open and honest with everyone.   
  • Diversity is awesome. Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is fun to do.  Different vantage points and opinions are what make a great company. 
  • A day at a time. We only have today so don’t go trespassing into the future.  Focus on what you do well and the results will come. 
  • Never get discouraged. Bad things and tough times are inevitable.  They will pass.  Attitude is everything.  A positive attitude brings positive results. 
  • Think like an owner. Our success has been driven by our employees who have identified needs in the market and solutions we can deliver.  This is an environment of entrepreneurs.  Be one. 
  • The sum is greater than the parts. We are a team.  We win together.  We have Mutual Trust.  Mutual Investment.  Mutual Benefit. 

Are you looking to learn more in your career? Want to join an award-winning team and some great coworkers? We’re hiring! Check out current positions here.  

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Gibson Smith

Gibson is an accomplished leader within the Talent Acquisition industry excelling in both agency and corporate environments. Gibson is a Co-Founder and Chief People Officer at Avionos. He is responsible for developing Employee Centricity and inclusivity for successfully scaling the level of talent and human contribution within Avionos.
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