5 Can’t-Miss Sessions at Dreamforce for Manufacturers

Manufacturing is experiencing a customer-focused revolution, leading manufacturers to seek more industry-specific technology that caters to the complex needs of B2B manufacturing buyers. With the launch of its new Manufacturing cloud, Salesforce has committed to solutions designed to improve customer experiences in an industry that has historically focused on a traditional sales experience. manufacturers are leveraging this technology to build seamless, collaborative relationships with customers — but they still need insight to buyers’ unique needs to innovate effectively. Avionos’ 2019 B2B Manufacturer Buyer Report found that 67% of B2B manufacturing buyers bought more online for their companies in the last year — and 39% went directly to the supplier’s website or portal. That’s a distinct advantage over Amazon Business, where only 10% of B2B manufacturing buyers began their purchasing journey. Strategic innovation is the key to maintaining this advantage. This year’s Dreamforce lineup includes multiple sessions focused on customer-centric transformation for manufacturers. Block time now to learn how to leverage Salesforce effectively to create a 360-degree view of B2B manufacturing buyers.

  1. Winning with Digital Commerce in the Age of the Connected B2B CustomerThis session is the jumping-off point for understanding B2B expectations as digitally-savvy buyers gain purchasing power. Join to learn how to connect commerce, sales, customer service, and marketing data effectively.
  2. Thriving in Ecosystems: Customers as the PlatformSalesforce’s Office of Innovation walks through how to approach traditional industry practices from a fresh new perspective. They’ll review four critical disciplines for becoming “ecosystem-ready” and how to navigate multiple platforms and industries simultaneously.
  3. Fireside Chat: Global Perspectives on Digital Transformation with B2B CommerceExpanding into new geographic markets requires a deep understanding of best practices and perspectives. Learn from international brands with experience in EMEA, LATAM and APAC.
  4. How to Measure Customer Loyalty with Net Promotor Score in SalesforceIn 2003 Harvard Business Review found that net promoter score was the most accurate predictor of growth, and since then companies have worked to accurately measure customer NPS. In this session, speakers will share best practices on how to integrate your NPS program with Salesforce to take action and impact the bottom line.
  5. 5 Steps B2B Marketers Should Take to Implement Successful Customer JourneysWatkins Wellness, the world’s leading manufacturers of hot tubs and spas and maker of aquatic fitness products, outlines five steps to take to build a successful customer journey roadmap.

Interested in jumpstarting your digital transformation, but not sure where to start? Avionos will be at Dreamforce. Meet us there. 

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