B2B Guide to Digital Product Development

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B2B companies across the board are at an inflection point: many began rolling out digital processes only three years ago and quickly realized how far behind they were. Now, they’re playing catch up while battling rising buyer expectations, rapid technology innovations, and trying to outperform the competition. 

Plus, B2B companies face an increasingly complex digital landscape compared to their B2C counterparts. While B2C companies can implement personalized suggestions easily, B2B companies are catering to various internal and external customers, each with their own nuances. Factors such as pricing structure, user permissions, customer and order history, customer install base and more all impact the B2B digital landscape. 

The solution is investing in effective digital products that operate seamlessly to provide customers with a better experience. This white paper will examine what it means to have a digital product, steps to creating a digital product, and how to launch it.

Key Factors

  • What is a digital product?
  • What are the benefits of implementing a digital product?
  • Why do digital products matter in B2B?
  • Steps to creating an effective digital product.

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