Avionos Achieves Salesforce Silver Partner Status

Our partnerships with the best technology providers in the world are invaluable to our success and the success of our clients.  We built Avionos with a laser focus on our client’s business outcomes, but achieving those outcomes requires great partnersincluding a strategic relationship with Salesforce.  While we have worked on the Salesforce platform since Avionos was founded in 2014, our partnership only began in earnest a short time ago  – about 18 months.  Today we can announce that as a result of bringing our unique outcomes driven approach to the Salesforce ecosystem, we’re proud to have already achieved Salesforce Silver Partner status. We love rolling up our sleeves to solve the really complex problems that straddle cross-cloud solutions within the Salesforce platform– Marketing Cloud or Pardot for marketing automation, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for customer relationship management, and B2C and B2B Commerce for sophisticated, yet simple transactions. We’ve carved out a niche around Salesforce B2B Commerce where the needs are highly complex, third-party integrations are required, and the experience must be compelling and easy to use.    Partnership with Salesforce is measured by Customer Engagement, Knowledge or Trailhead Expertise, and Customer Satisfaction. Up leveling our status so quickly is validation that our strategic focuses as an organization align perfectly with those of Salesforce. 

Customer Engagement 

If you stop by our office, you’ll hear the phrase, “Iterative results” or “results-driven approach” over and over again because it’s in our ethos to get our clients up and running quickly, and then optimize over time based on real customer feedback. This leads to better performance and results for our clients and better experiences for their customers.   Our work on Salesforce has delivered two storefronts in just four months, defined new digital strategy, operations, and architecture to support and improve customer interactions, increased engagement in just six months, drove 50% more online revenue, increased employees’ CRM useand more for our clients. Our breadth of experience and depth of knowledge with each solution on the platform continues to drive results for our clients.   

Knowledge or Trailhead Expertise 

Our integrated delivery team is trained and certified in multiple Salesforce platforms and disciplines, enabling us to deliver cohesive solutions that provide immediate results, unlock revenue, transform customer experiences, and drive engagement.  We love that each team member has the opportunity to learn multiple domains and become true experts in their field. Nobody on our team will ever worry about monotony or boredom.  Even more unique, when you Join the A-Team you are given the opportunity to expand and grow completely new technical skills.  We look for individuals who are actively seeking exposure to new platforms as a part of their career.  In fact, one key factor in recognition as a Silver Partner was the number of new consultants we brought to the Salesforce Ohana.   

Customer Satisfaction 

Oftentimes, our clients come to us because they have a need that is a little scary to our competitors. They have highly strategic, multi-cloud, multi-integration, custom architecture, super complicated requirements on tight timelines. We say bring it on. That’s the kind of stuff we live for and it’s why our clients are not only satisfied with our work, but excited for what phase two, three, and ten have in store for their businesses.  For example, last year, our client CSA Group spoke with one of our subject matter experts at Dreamforce about its multi-cloud project that truly transformed the way they interact with their customers. CSA Group Chief Digital Officer Farukh Javed shared that they now offer an experience that is “as easy to use and order stuff from as Amazon,” “give access to content like Netflix,” and “is as quick, easy and cheap to build as Wix.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  To say the least, we’re excited about Salesforce Silver Partner Status and already have our eyes on Gold. We’re positioned to do even more highly complex and strategic Salesforce implementations across Manufacturing and Distribution, B2B Suppliers, Financial Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Retail verticals this year and beyond. We’ll say it again, bring it on.  If you’re considering Salesforce, but aren’t sure where to begin, please contact us. We’re happy to talk you through ways we’ve helped other Salesforce customers earn 50% more revenue online. Learn more at avionos.staging.wpmudev.host.  Here is a bit more detail on some of our Salesforce offerings.   B2B AND B2C COMMERCE: Commerce solutions for customers at every stage of commerce from Quickstart to MVP to more complex commerce solutions with back office integrations and true omnichannel experience.  SALES AND SERVICE ENABLEMENT: Leverage Salesforce Sales Cloud to acquire new customers and target the right prospects at the right time. Retain & grow existing customers. Using Service Cloud, to create a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects.  MARKETING OPTIMIZATION: Improve alignment between sales and marketing. With Marketing Cloud or Pardot, we leverage analytics and performance insights to deliver higher customer engagement, increase conversions and enable data-driven decisions. 

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