Adtalem Uses Drupal and Salesforce to Transform Customer Experiences

Building B2B buying experiences that feel like B2C shopping isn’t easy. But businesses that fall behind run the risk of losing market share: 88% of B2B buyers said they’d turn to a competitor if their supplier’s digital channel couldn’t keep up with their needs. Another 81% said they’d choose a supplier with excellent eCommerce and customer portal capabilities even if the supplier’s product was moderately higher priced.

Delivering 5 star experiences isn’t always easy. B2B businesses struggle against siloed data and technology debt. But digital transformation is worth the effort; Avionos’ client Adtalem leveraged Drupal CMS and Salesforce B2B Commerce to boost digital revenue 20% year over year. 

Customer Led: Adtalem’s Business Challenges

Adtalem Global Education, a leading global education provider for degree and non-degree seeking students, was struggling to manage siloed sub-brands and disparate technology. Operating on 11 CMS sites across 10 business units made information sharing and intuitive experiences on their site difficult. An aging WordPress site and custom Salesforce storefront introduced additional unique challenges, including poor data integrity, single-language sites across the globe, increased errors, and duplicate records.

As a leading global educator, Adtalem knew the value of content to drive purchases for its certification courses. Creating compelling content across its brands would increase credibility and improve its SEO ranking to drive new traffic to its sites. But managing content across disparate content management systems proved difficult and time-consuming. 

Commerce solutions for sub-brands, including ACAMS and Becker, were unintuitive and difficult to navigate; less than 10% of revenue came from digital channels, despite industry trends indicating acceleration towards eCommerce for B2B buyers. And the digital revenue Adtalem did generate from its eCommerce platforms didn’t incorporate sales tax; because sales tax was calculated manually, tax was inconsistent and sometimes applied incorrectly.

Adtalem needed to determine which platform was robust enough to meet their unique and complex commerce and content needs. They also wanted to address concerns about website instability, inflexibility and performance issues. But selecting the right technology, training their team, and ensuring best practices moving forward was challenging for the team.


Technology Enabled: Why Drupal? 

Adtalem’s unique commerce and content management needs lead them to Drupal, a free, open-source content management framework. Drupal can be customized to make it easier to author content, manage page layouts, and more.

With Drupal, Avionos was able to standardize Adtalem’s content management to one CMS across all its business units. This gave Adtalem one central infrastructure across its 10 sites, making it easier across the organization to maintain infrastructure, develop new functionality, and author engaging content. Taking advantage of being on a single platform, Adtalem established a common content architecture for all of its brands. This allowed for unique, recognizable branding for each business while still enabling new functionality created for one site to be easily reused on another site.


Technology Enabled: Why Salesforce B2B


Before beginning their digital transformation journey, Adtalem had a legacy Salesforce instance with a B2C-focused commerce solution. By using Salesforce B2B Commerce, Avionos was able to deliver B2B-specific eCommerce needs like quoting, invoicing, and collecting sales tax. Avionos also reorganized accounts, opportunities, and orders objects within Salesforce, leading to better data governance.

In order to ensure employee adoption of Salesforce best practices, Avionos conducted 7 training modules globally. The team also optimized seven process flows for the sales and services teams, and mitigated 44 process pain point efficiencies. A combination of live trainings and written material gave Adtalem a better understanding of how they can effectively and efficiently utilize their Salesforce instance moving forward. By focusing on change management and employee adoption, Avionos ensured Adtalem would be able to reach their maximum tech stack ROI. 

Bringing Drupal and Salesforce B2B Commerce Together

It was key to Adtalem’s long-term business goals to unite Drupal’s CMS capabilities and Salesforce B2B Commerce. Avionos’ integration of Drupal and Salesforce was one of the first of its kind, and was specifically designed with multi brand content architecture in mind. With Drupal Grand Master expertise and a long-standing Salesforce silver partnership, Avionos was uniquely positioned to bring together Drupal and Salesforce to enable self-sufficiency and self-service options for Adtalem customers. 

Headless commerce architecture empowered users to make purchases seamlessly from the site, improving customer experiences and increasing online revenue. This improvement helped Adtalem’s sales people move from individual order takers to strategic advisors for their key accounts. 

Outcomes Delivered

  • KPIs Achieved
    • After site launch, Adtalem saw 100% uptime due to stable integration of Drupal and Salesforce B2B Commerce. They achieved 35% faster overall page load times and 20% revenue growth year-over-year.
  • Improved Branding
    • By bringing together all of Adtalem’s brands onto one central architecture, Avionos was able to use Drupal’s custom component to deliver a B2C experience with B2B capabilities. Avionos also incorporated new visual design and refined Adtalem’s brand voice and tone for consistency across its global sites. Finally, the new site is available in 8 additional languages, providing a more user-friendly experience no matter where prospective clients are accessing certifications and content.
  • Content Management
    • Unifying 10 content management systems into 1 Drupal platform made it significantly easier to create and publish content. To support Adtalem’s content focus, Avionos authored over 1200 pages of highly technical content related to key products and certifications on the site. Since launch, Adtalem has achieved an ADA score of 92.7 and an SEO score of 72.8. 
  • B2B Content Access
    • Before implementing Drupal and Salesforce B2B Commerce, businesses interested in getting their employees certified had to sift through certifications that weren’t relevant or applicable. Now, businesses can manage access for employees so that users only see relevant resources when they log in. This simplified user experience combined B2C expectations with B2B requirements, improving customer satisfaction on the site.
  • Code Consistency
    • Avionos’ developers were able to reuse 80% of code across 11 sites, leading to faster development, simpler site maintenance, and faster launch. The centralized code base can be managed by fewer people, leading to long-term cost savings for Adtalem.
  • Direct Commerce
    • Prior to launch, Adtalem was only driving 10% of total revenue through its ecommerce sites. Post-launch, Drupal and Salesforce B2B Commerce’s headless architecture lead to a 20% boost in revenue year-over-year. And with more efficient digital invoicing, Adtalem freed up internal resources and labor hours for its teams. 

Have additional questions for a Drupal Grand Master, interested in integrations for your current tech stack, or need to optimize your B2B digital experiences? We’re here to help. Let’s get started.

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