A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Tech Lead with Diego Vargas

As an official Salesforce Digital 360 Partner, our team of certified Salesforce experts use their skills to create five star digital experiences for our clients. From Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to Experience Cloud and everything in between, our team works to build cross-cloud solutions that help businesses operate more efficiently, provide better digital experiences, and ultimately increase revenue.

We’re lucky to have Salesforce masterminds like Diego Vargas leading our team. Learn what it’s like to be a Tech Lead at Avionos below:

Why Did You Want To Work As a Salesforce Tech Lead (TL)?

I love to help others. In my role as the Salesforce Tech Lead, I get to help others in their work by removing team obstacles. I also like to make the client happy by exceeding their expectations and I love to learn so I can gain as much technical knowledge as possible. Those three things made me want to become a Tech Lead.

What Drew You To Joining The ATeam?

I knew I wanted to learn about both B2B and B2C industries and Avionos lets me do that. I also was drawn to Avionos’ extensive experience in ecommerce.

What Excited You About Your Work At Avionos?

I love to work at Avionos because it is a very flexible company, the work environment is perfect and Avionos offers great benefits.

What Is The Proudest Moment Of Your Career?

My proudest moment of my career was when I completed my thesis to obtain my master degree.

What Skills Do You Think Help You Succeed The Most At Avionos?

I love to learn. I’m always looking for a way to learn something new or improve my knowledge in a specific area.

What’s The Best Way To Start Your Work Day?

Exercising, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to music.

Where Do You See Yourself As a TL In The Future?

I see myself as a Technical Architect.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Just Starting As a TL Or More Generally Just Starting At Avionos?

You can improve people’s lives through technology, you can make people happy through technology, so you should be passionate about technology.

Want to work with technical experts like Diego? Check out our open positions here.

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