A Day in the Life of a FED With Mauricio Ochoa

Avionos is all about delivering innovative connected customer experiences through digital services and solutions. We work closely with our clients to turn ideas into reality in this fast-paced digital environment. It’s important to deliver business outcomes; however, it’s also vital to present a visually appealing design with these outcomes.

Front End Developers (FED) are the people who work to not only transform hi-fidelity design specs to code, but to also ensure accessibility and SEO compliance. Our FED Mauricio Ochoa has a passion for design, especially when it comes to helping clients’ growth in this industry. Learn more about Mauricio’s experience at Avionos thus far:   


Tell us about your career and what you do for fun.


It all started with having the opportunity to grow up with a Mac in my home in the early 90’s because my father was one of the first graphic designers to be part of a training path to change and develop the first versions of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. That very computer changed the way I see a lot of things. Through both school and home, I grew passionate about computers in general.  

When it came to careers, almost everyone in my family was a Graphic Designer so I refused to become one. I decided to start studying Electronical Engineering; however, I was unable to complete my career, so I shifted gears and started to fix computers and give support to an Internet Coffee place. From there I played a lot of computer video games and worked on my growth as a Graphic Designer, so I could be hired without a degree.  

Then I decided it was time to start my own company, working with Linux, 3D designs, and Macromedia Flash apps. In addition, Web was just starting in Colombia, so I decided to take our first Web Page Design as an alternative business, which ended up being the main reason to avoid closing the company earlier. From there I worked as a Webmaster, but the designer inside me took me to the right spot, which was between UX/UI and Development. Now I am formally a happy Frontend Developer!  

When it comes to life outside of my career, I enjoy playing Football (sorry about that, my American friends, but soccer is the real football), so I try to play every Saturday before midnight with a group of rodillones’ (old men who think they can still play) and just enjoy the time with my family.  


What brought you to the A-Team? 


The people! At first, I was not going to be able to attend my first meeting with [Avionos CEO Scott Webb], but once I met him, I knew this was going to be my place. People at Avionos are challenging and motivating immediately out of the gate, and that’s why I joined. 


What excited you about working at Avionos? 


That my work is very important in the process, not only for Avionos, but for the companies we work with. I get to see how we improve the growth of our clients, and what could be more exciting than that!


What is the proudest moment of your career?


Being a part of the redesign for JLL and Avianca.


What skills do you think helps you succeed the most at Avionos? 


The balance I keep between functional and good-looking design.


What’s the best way to start your workday? 


Right now, I love to start working after going on a short walk with my child Adriel and my dog Tokyo, or even when I have the chance to catch up with my oldest son Santiago and be beaten playing tennis.


Where do you see yourself as a Front-End Developer in the future? 


I think a great future is coming for our industry, especially for Avionos. I see myself leading a team that is going to discover that every day brings new possibilities. I hope to be open to joining the next generation of designers/developers in the coming multiverse.  


What advice would you give to someone just starting as a Front-End Developer or more generally just starting at Avionos? 


I would recommend being patient because the Front-End development is in constant change, which demands a flexible approach. For example, one day you can be working with jQuery and the next, you switch to another technology. If you learn the foundations, switching to new technology shouldn’t be a problem, so I definitely recommend trying to expand your domain. 

Want to work with Mauricio to deliver innovative connected customer experiences for Avionos? Apply to be a Front-End Developer here.  

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