A Day in the Life of a BDR Manager with John Reimann

The ATeam is motivated to achieve goals bigger than themselves, such as leading their team on the successful path of delivering world-class solutions. Motivating your team, planning ahead, and working beyond what is expected are a few of the ways we choose to get on the path of success. Our business development representatives hold the responsibility of maintaining momentum from opportunity creation through close and helping guide the deal team to exceed client expectations. Business Development Manager John Reimann exhibits the persistence and desire to build a successful career in sales for himself and his team. Let’s learn about a day in John’s Life:

Give me a brief background on your career, where you’re from, and your favorite way to spend your time outside of work.

I’ve got a little over a decade of experience in Sales Development working and managing reps at firms that have had significant growth to the point of getting acquired by the likes of Accenture and Capgemini. I’m born and raised in Bay City, Michigan – which is sorta near Flint. My favorite way to spend time outside of work is playing board games with friends.

Why did you want to work as a Business Development Manager? 

I was once able to work for a sales leader who did such a good job nurturing and mentoring me on my journey that I hold him in the same regard as a Winston Churchill or Gandhi. I say that knowing it’s wild hyperbole, but that was the level of inspiration that motivated / directed me to grow beyond what I could envision to achieve great feats – not only for myself but the company that employed me.

I chose to manage the Sales Development teams here at Avionos with the intention of being able to pay some small part of that forward to the next generation.

What drew you to joining the ATeam?

I knew a lot of the founders here from a previous company. We had talked off and on since the founding of Avionos about my joining the company, but once the role and timing aligned – I pulled the trigger and haven’t looked back since!

What excites you about your work at Avionos?

The opportunity to teach and mentor the members of my team and see them achieve the goals they set out for themselves. Also the opportunity to take a step back and architect better processes / tactics for us to be more efficient and hit our goals faster.

What is the proudest moment of your career?

Think it would have to be the first big presentation I delivered at a previous company. I had a couple rounds of thoughtful notes from my boss at the time and spent hours practicing before showtime, but when I got on stage things just clicked and I was able to successfully play jazz as questions came in from my audience (similar to the end of Tommy Boy). It did a ton for my confidence!

What’s the best way to start your work day? 

I employ a method of right-to-left planning. We all have deadlines, so you have to know when items are due and work backward, blocking off time on your calendar to get those activities done. Ideally, you’ll have planned out your week in advance, so you can just open up your calendar and get rolling!

What advice would you give to someone just starting as a Business Development Manager or more generally, just starting at Avionos? 

Ask questions early and often. Even if you feel like you’re being a bother, we’ve got a start-up culture here and one of our core values is curiosity. Staying curious and learning how to ramp yourself up is a key component of success here.

Want to work with John to drive results and achieve your goals? Apply to be a Business Development Representative here.

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