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2022 B2B Report

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B2B buyer expectations are evolving – and rising – daily. Yet, some companies still haven’t met even the most basic of digital expectations from their buyers. B2B suppliers today are being challenged to meet growing expectations with shrinking resources. 

To understand the scope of these challenges and what B2B businesses can learn from them, we’ve surveyed buyers across manufacturing, financial services, and consumer packaged goods. The answer is clear: B2B buyers will not compromise. Digital experiences must be flawless at every touchpoint.

Key Findings

    • B2B buyers will switch suppliers for a better experience. 85% of B2B buyers would turn to a competitor if their supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up with their desires as a buyer.
    • Efficiency is top of mind for B2B buyers. B2B buyers’ top priority for the next 12 months is increasing efficiency in their processes.
    • Supplier tech creates frustration. 97% of online buyers experience some sort of pain point during the eCommerce purchasing process as a result of suppliers’ tech solutions.
    • Global operations require additional oversight. B2B buyers at global companies feel the most important capability suppliers can provide is a consistent global brand experience.
    • B2B buyers value — and seek out – innovation. 94% of B2B buyers agree their company prefers to work with suppliers that continuously evolve their digital capabilities and experiment with offerings.

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