Month: July 2020

How To Build a Loyal Customer Base During the ECommerce Boom

It’s no secret that ecommerce use skyrocketed during the pandemic. In a time when the public was encouraged to stay home as much as possible and avoid human interaction, ecommerce seemed like the easiest and safest way to make purchases. The latest Digital Economy Index (DEI) from Adobe found that online spending totaled $77 billion …

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From the Flight Deck with Sal Sorice

At Avionos, we believe every team member is valuable to our company and our clients’ success. That belief is the cornerstone of our award-winning culture and shapes each interaction we have both internally and externally. In fact, “winning together” is one of our core values, because we believe that “we” is greater than “me.”   Meet one of the members of …

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Avionos Chief People Officer, Gibson Smith, On Reopening Offices and The Future of The 9 to 5

Avionos Chief People Officer and Co-Founder Gibson Smith spoke with HRO Today to discuss the company’s move to reopen its Chicago office, as well as the future of corporate culture. The big takeaway? No matter what Avionos’s next move is, caring for and supporting its employees will always be front of mind. Here’s the rundown:   Reopening the …

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Key Insights: Global deal drills, marketers’ cheat sheet, and the customer winning elixir – Clickz

Marketing as we know it has changed. Here are some key takeaways from our 2020 B2B Report that can better inform your marketing strategy.

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Avionos Co-Founder and Principal Dan Neiweem On What Makes Avionos Tick in the COVID Era

Dan Neiweem, Co-Founder and Principal of Avionos, joined Scott Kitun on the Technori Podcast to tell listeners how Avionos fits into the marketspace carved by COVID-19.   So, what distinguishes Avionos from the crowd? The answer is easy: its unique business model. Unlike other consulting firms, Avionos delivers solutions to clients in weeks, not months.  The Model  “If we really are the best at what we do, we …

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Four Ways E-Commerce is Evolving in 2020 – Power Retail

E-commerce boomed in the first half of 2020 which has prompted swift changes across the board. Since e-commerce is here to stay, there are a few major evolutions coming.

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