The 2019 B2B Buyer Report

2019 B2B Buyer Report

Positioning Strategic eCommerce in a Digital-First World

Avionos 2019 B2B Buyer Report

B2B Buyers Demand Ease of Use for Their Complex Processes.

Be Like Amazon, Not Like

It’s a no brainer that suppliers need to be online to compete in the modern B2B market. But that’s hardly enough to thrive now, let alone in the years to come. The most important goal as a B2B supplier is to develop your organization’s strategic plans for innovation, aligning all company moves — from technology purchases to hiring decisions — around achieving that objective.

Build new muscles that allow your business to innovate like Amazon, and prioritize eCommerce solutions that support an adaptive, responsive company culture. Long-term B2B success requires a team and business model dedicated to understanding your customers’ unique needs, and then executing solutions to exceed those evolving desires.

  • Innovation offers B2B suppliers a lifeline to improved eCommerce operations: B2B buyers crave new experiences, and nearly all (99 percent) expect suppliers to prioritize innovation across a range of eCommerce area, including technology, delivery and fulfillment, and customer service.
  • Suppliers face fierce competition for B2B buyers’ online business: More B2B buyers now begin the purchasing process at either Amazon Business or Google (33 percent) rather than at a supplier’s website or portal (32 percent).
  • B2B buyers have a clear preference for eCommerce, especially younger buyers: Ninety-one percent of B2B buyers ages 18-35 (Gen Z and millennials) bought more online for their companies in the past year, compared to 70 percent of B2B buyers ages 36 and over (Gen X, baby boomers and the Silent Generation).
  • Good content is crucial for a successful B2B buy: Eighty-four percent of B2B buyers report that poor product content has stopped them from completing a purchase with a supplier, specifically a lack of content and inaccurate content.
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