Month: December 2018

Costco, Google and T-Mobile ranked as best large companies to work for this year – USA Today

Company culture can make or break your experience at work. Workplace atmosphere can mean the difference between an energized, productive work day and a stressed out, ineffectual 8-hour shift. Read on for the workplaces with the best overall environment, including Avionos. – USA Today

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How Accurate, Speedy Supplier Payments Start With The PO – PYMNTS

The supplier needs to get the most current, accurate purchase order in real time as the demand is changing. Date, price, quality and quantity — these are things that happen in manufacturers’ ecosystems that drive inaccurate PO, shipment or invoicing. When this happens, as is the case when a manufacturer is purchasing raw materials from …

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3 Things Missing From Walmart’s Strategy To Beat Amazon – Forbes

Ultimately, Walmart has finally added a strategic digital component to its already successful brick-and-mortar presence, creating a holistic customer experience,” says — Dan Neiweem, co-founder and principal, Avionos. – Forbes

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How E-commerce Affects B2B Purchasing Decisions – Supply and Demand Chain Exec

In a competitive manufacturing landscape, differentiation among suppliers isn’t easily accomplished. However, offering digital commerce solutions for buyers can help manufacturers stand apart. – Supply and Demand Chain Exec

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The Future of Retail in 2019 – eMarketer

Retail is in the midst of a radical transformation. Rapidly shifting consumer habits, fast-changing technologies and challenging competitive dynamics are all occurring against an overall positive economic backdrop. Direct-to-consumer brand thrive, B&M look to more experiential marketing and look out for voice commerce & social commerce. – eMarketer

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