Month: March 2018

What does the Salesforce Acquisition of CloudCraze Mean for B2B Customers?

When Salesforce acquired Demandware and launched Commerce Cloud in 2016, it was a statement on how integral digital commerce had become to the customer success platform. With Salesforce entering into a definitive agreement to acquire CloudCraze today, it is making a similar statement on the importance digital commerce will play in the success of B2B …

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OpEd: International Women’s Day – A Student’s Perspective

Dana Schwartz is a senior at Miami University, and a valued intern at Avionos. Let’s face it – the workforce, especially in the tech industry, is still dominated by men. With some of the most recent workplace conversations making major headlines, it is no surprise that there is some slight hesitation and angst for younger …

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OpEd: A Call for Accountability on International Women’s Day

From historic headlines dismantling people who have abused their positions of power to take advantage or unfairly influence their female counterparts, to various marches and public displays of solidarity (I’m looking at you, Hollywood), there is no doubt that this year has seen a lot of momentum behind the push for women’s equality. Taking a …

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Powering B2B Through Innovative eCommerce Solutions

More and more organizations are adding eCommerce to their Customer Engagement channels. In fact, 89% of directors and executives at B2B organizations say that more than half of their revenue growth over the next five years will be attributed to their eCommerce program*. Fortune 500 and mid-market companies alike are feeling the pressure to respond …

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