Month: May 2017

Getting Noticed in a Swipe Right Kinda World

Tips for building your professional brand in a digital era Digital channels are enabling us to learn and interact in more ways than ever before. Think about how many apps or experiences exist for news outlets, entertainment, shopping, even dating…but did you think it would influence how we look for jobs? We’re not talking about …

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Avionos and commercetools Break the Boundaries of Traditional Commerce

Leading digital software and solutions providers join forces to supply retailers with agile experience driven commerce offerings CHICAGO – May 18, 2017 – Avionos, a digital solutions provider focused on delivering experiences for the connected consumer, has launched a partnership with commercetools, a leading cloud-based platform for next gezneration commerce. This strategic partnership will enable retailers, as …

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Avionos at Forrester Digital Transformation 2017

Forrester Digital Transformation 2017 wrapped up in Chicago last week, and while the sessions and breakout conversations are still fresh I wanted to take an opportunity to share my thoughts and takeaways from the event. The overall message this year was clear: digital transformation is no longer a choice but a requirement for surviving in …

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So You Want to be a Leader?

Are people born natural leaders or are leaders self-made? Until this week, I always thought the former; that some people were just naturally good at it. They had this quality I could never put my finger on, but I could recognize an influential leader. Professor Barry Posner tested my view point at The Leadership Challenge …

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Avionos at B2B Online and IRCE 2017

Trade shows focusing on B2B eCommerce provide valuable opportunities to learn from peers and competitors, discover new products and solutions, and to be a brand advocate for your company and yourself.  B2B is not B2C, and this year, trade shows are delivering strong content tailored to the needs of B2B sellers. Check out Avionos’ recommendations …

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