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Cloud-based thinking for the new bottom line.

We’re a born-digital consultancy focused on the connected customer – and the companies who need to create engaging, constantly evolving connections with them. We help brands deliver customer experiences that resonate with the full promise of digital: adaptive, innovative and driven by the power of connected/cloud technology and data-driven insights.

For us, success means transforming each client into a truly digital enterprise that connects with customers through seamless, cross-channel experiences that strengthen brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

Case studies

  • The Macallan

    The Macallan


    The Macallan, a high-end whiskey distillery, was having difficulty managing the engagement of their end-consumer. Customer data was stored in siloed environments across multiple third party systems. Ultimately, Macallan wanted to optimize the end-consumer’s experience with the Macallan brand and create a customer relationship program.


    Avionos was able to centralize The Macallan’s end-consumer data through a Salesforce CRM implementation. Along with launching The Macallan US site on the Umbraco platform, Avionos designed and developed multiple microsites for capturing customer data. In addition, Avionos provided strategy and implemented a marketing automation platform. This platform allowed The Macallan to engage with their consumers on a continual basis.

  • Bear Naked Custom Granola

    Bear Naked Custom Granola

    Business Challenge:

    Bear Naked focuses on creating unique blends of granola. They were challenged with creating a direct to consumer eCommerce portal that didn’t compete directly against their existing channel partners. Bear Naked also needed a solution that would enable customers to create their own custom blends of granola. Additionally, this solution needed to run off of their existing Salesforce environment.


    Avionos was able to implement a CloudCraze eCommerce solution that ran natively off of Bear Naked’s existing Salesforce CRM. This solution was also integrated with IBM Chef Watson to help guide customers to create unique ingredient combinations for their custom blend granola. Avionos was able to get a customer-facing storefront up in four months that hit all of Bear Naked’s business requirements.

  • Citrix



    Citrix, a global software solution provider, faced a challenge in continuing to generate positive customer interactions. Citrix saw an evolution in the nature of their customer service interactions as they moved towards a digital approach. Their customers were increasingly turning to the web to look for solutions. Citrix customers were becoming less interested in calling into a call center as their sole support channel. Citrix sought out to find a cross-channel solution that provided information about Citrix products and services more effectively.


    Avionos took a holistic approach to the project by viewing the challenge from both Citrix and their customer’s prospective. This approach allowed us to create a consolidated online support community through Salesforce Service Cloud – giving Citrix customers access to knowledge, chat, training, and support case creation. Citrix users were now empowered and educated on Citrix offerings in a self-service ecosystem. Citrix was able to increase overall customer engagement while reducing the cost of serving a customer.

  • Appfolio



    Appfolio is a vertical specific, cloud-based, business software solution provider serving small and medium sized customers. Appfolio offers a turnkey solution for property managers to govern their portfolio of properties and tenants. Due to dependencies on fax and snail-mail, their on-boarding process for new clients was fraught with delays. Appfolio sought to improve their on-boarding efficiency via an Avionos solution.


    Avionos architected the user experience, technical components, and third-party integrations necessary to automate their on-boarding process. This automation included integrating their Salesforce environment to MasterCard’s MATCH API to check application credibility more efficiently. Appfolio saved days from the time it previously took to on-board clients. Appfolio saw improved customer satisfaction with the on-boarding process and began generating revenue quicker.

  • Sears



    Sears relied on a section of their mobile app to engage with their customers by providing relevant and meaningful content. The management of this section was handled by an off-site vendor. Sears realized that working with an off-site vendor was too costly and time consuming for basic app maintenance. Sears needed to move the mobile app management in-house.


    Avionos worked with Sears’ IT team to ensure a smooth transition from the off-site vendor to an in-house management team. Avionos made sure that the Sears IT and marketing teams could easily add new content to the app and implemented a more user-friendly system for updates.

  • Plantronics



    Plantronics is a world-leading headset manufacturer and designer. As they had grown, they realized there was a lack of process, governance, and technology alignment between their IT and Digital Marketing teams. Plantronics sought out a partner to develop a digital strategy to better govern their processes and bridge the gap between IT and Marketing as they looked to evolve to a more globally consistent digital experience.


    Avionos provided a digital strategy roadmap through conducting stakeholder interviews and taking a broad look at their current technology landscape. Avionos was able to sift through their complex technology ecosystem and generate a clear vision of what they needed in the capabilities of a CMS platform.

  • Florida Family Insurance

    Florida Family Insurance


    Florida Family Insurance (FFI) provides homeowners insurance in Central and Coastal Florida. The harsh weather conditions of Florida pose particular challenges to an insurance carrier operating in that market. A key component of Florida Family’s strategy is efficient management of the relationship between brokers and policy holders. FFI turned to Salesforce as a foundation to handle those relationships, but believed there were additional opportunities to maximize that investment.


    Avionos reviewed the alignment of Salesforce to FFI’s business process. We recommended, then implemented changes to their Salesforce configuration and overhauled the integration between Salesforce and their middle and back offices. FFI was able to more efficiently understand the relationship between their brokers and policy holders in ways that they were previously unable to.

  • Northern Trust

    Northern Trust


    Northern Trust faced a challenge with two enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This siloed environment wasn’t enabling their brokers to develop a complete vision of their clients information.


    Avionos developed an architecture for a near real-time orchestration and transformation of data changes between Salesforce and the client’s legacy PeopleSoft CRM system through an Oracle Fusion middleware implementation. Through this implementation, Northern Trust’s customer data remained in-sync.

  • Seamless digital experience.


    Always-on customers present a new fundamental challenge: how to evolve content from product-centric to customer-centric. A fragmented, disjointed digital experience breaks trust and invites customers to look elsewhere. So we create branded content experiences that solve device dependencies and deliver seamless brand experiences at every customer touchpoint.

  • Customers first, every second.


    We create sales in the “always-on” digital ecosystem. 24/7 won. 9-5 is over. So we help our clients navigate customers’ “any device, any time” expectations, capturing incremental sales and integrating emerging tools like social collaboration to redefine commerce for the new velocity of business.

  • A better map for the customer journey.


    CRM is the connective tissue between your customer-facing processes and the people driving revenue. We ensure a frictionless CRM experience that flows seamlessly between your online and offline worlds, whether direct-to-customer or via your partner channels.

Deliver value to each client, create value for every customer.

Technology enablement is just part of digitally transforming an organization. Sure, we champion adaptive, cost-effective cloud-based tools that accelerate time to market. But we win by helping clients operate as a digital organization to drive value-creation for their customers.

  • Envision

    Define the landscape – yours and your customers’ critical outcomes. Understand constraints. Synthesize opportunities.

  • Architect

    Infuse technology platforms with organizational requirements to create a customer experience that resonates.

  • Implement

    Leverage agile, iterative practices to shrink time to market, capture sales and solve customer needs.



Avionos offers a complete solution optimized to drive business results. Avionos combines a pre-integrated set of industry standard technologies with experiences, hands on services geared to providing strategic guidance and the operational support necessary to achieve results.

The Avionos solution leapfrogs organizations past the traditional challenges of establishing a new digital operating platform and accelerates our clients to a high performing digital channel.

Business buyers seek Digital Channels

  • 74% of B2B buyers say it’s more convenient to buy online than from a salesperson
  • 93% of of B2B buyers prefer to buy online once they know what they want to buy
  • 82% of B2B buyers say they’ve used Amazon to make purchases for work
Businesses who operate a digital channel see these results

  • 79% Increase in awareness of new products
  • 74% Cost efficiencies
  • 70% Increase in new customer acquisition
  • 64% Improvement in customer retention
  • 58% Additional margin per customer
  • 48% Growth of revenue per customer


  • Deliver engaging brand experiences across every screen, every device and every interaction.

  • Make the most of each interaction, ensure that our clients deliver 1:1, cross-channel customer journeys that transform the way consumers engage with brands – and the ways brands deepen relationships with customers.

  • Help brands unify their content, community, and commerce needs for a seamless, engaging customer experience in the Cloud.

  • Deploy mobile storefronts quickly, generate online revenue in weeks, and easily scale for growth through this eCommerce cloud hosting platform.

  • SAP Hybris YaaS is the world’s most advanced microservices ecosystem. With YaaS, you have the power to quickly develop custom applications that blend trusted SAP Hybris solutions with your company’s existing platforms.

  • commercetools is a cloud-based commerce platform for fast-growing businesses, being the ideal basis for a modern Microservices architecture.


From the inside out, we put people first.

At the heart of our company is a culture infused with innovation, teamwork, and community, one that’s sustained by our greatest assets—people. Careers at Avionos combine challenging job responsibilities, professional development opportunities, and collaborative contribution, all while supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Since the beginning, our core values—transparency, excellence, innovative, and commitment—have been the forces behind our culture, one that we support by:

  • Treating employees as contributors—not just workers.

  • Hiring world-class talent today as we build for the future.

  • Growing aggressively and enthusiastically.

Reasons to Work at Avionos

  • Our Core Values
  • Employee Driven Culture
  • Great People
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Career Development
  • Experienced Leadership
  • Client Centricity
  • Commitment to Community

Current openings at Avionos.

At Avionos, our employees are innovators. We listen, learn, and support our employees’ ideas. We collaborate for the greater good, knowing that there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together. And we put people in position to succeed. Our Employee Value Proposition enables this success through two simple questions: “Will I enjoy the work I will be doing?” and “Will I be challenged?”

The answer is a resounding yes. In short, we are the company you want to work for and the company you want working for you.

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